What is Urea?

  • Odourless
  • Highly soluble in water
  • End product of protein metabolism by mammals
  • Effective and popular fertiliser

Process Overview

  • Innovative
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Best-in-class technologies

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Jobs & Location

  • 12 km West of Karratha
  • Est. 2000 jobs during construction
  • Est. 200 jobs when complete


  • We support the local community
  • We support local employment
  • We support indigenous employment

Media Releases

Our Commitment to Safety & Environment

About Perdaman

Perdaman is a multinational group based in Western Australia with a long-standing track record in involvement within a diverse range of markets. From investments in fertiliser production to help our farmers produce crops, to the ownership and management of shopping centres that make wonderful experiences and community hubs; from the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals to provide better healthcare, to migration services and advanced energy solutions, we are an innovative company that actively seeks out new opportunities.

These are just some of the commercial aspects of Perdaman. Integral to this is our corporate culture of creating leaders and growing together as a team, and all of our operations are backed by extensive financial services to ensure strength and growth.

We are also highly involved in the community and actively give back – from supporting local sporting teams to contributing towards better education. We do what we do with passion, and we do what we do with a sincere desire to create a better tomorrow.

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